About Us

Welcome to our School! We are so glad you decided to check us out!

Poplar Ridge School is located about 8 km west of the City of Red Deer and is situated between Highways 11 and 11A. Many of our students live in the community of Poplar Ridge, which is comprised largely of acreages, farms and two trailer courts. Students are also bussed in from the Blindman River and Linn Valley areas.

Teaching and learning is really fun at Poplar Ridge.  We have very strong academic and extracurricular programs, which are the result of the excellent relationship established between the community and the school. Multiple Intelligences forms an integral part of our teaching, addressing eight ways of learning: music smart, art smart, heart smart, people smart, nature smart, word smart, number smart and body smart.

Poplar Ridge School meets the learning needs and styles of all students in Kindergarten to Grade Six.  Students at Poplar Ridge have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities such as Kilometer Club, Basketball, Volleyball (Gr. 5 and 6), Choir (Gr. 4 - 6), Me to We Club, and Student Jobs.

We have excited and motivated teachers and students who LOVE to learn.  Our learning activities really motivate! You will definitely want to stay!