Club Moo

Alberta Milk offers an incentive-based, school milk program called CLUB MOO.  There is no charge for the program except the cost of milk.  It is designed to encourage students to keep drinking milk and in turn, to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Milk with lunch provides many health benefits key to helping children concentrate, having more energy, and to getting the most out of their school day both mentally and physically. No other beverage gives children the 16 essential nutrients found in every glass of milk. Schools that participate also receive special event materials and prize incentives to promote healthy eating and active living.

Students are able to purchase a cold, fresh 237 ml carton of 2% milk or a 1% chocolate milk every school day for their lunch beverage. We will be offering milk on a pre-ordered basis for 4 months at a time. Parents are able to pay online for the pre-ordered milk.