Welcome to Poplar Ridge School!

Students, Parents/Guardians/Teachers

Together we bring out the best in every child!


Poplar Ridge is a K-6 School situated in a unique and desirable country setting with an enrolment of about 198 students.  


We pride ourselves on many things that we feel make this school a special place:


We believe in a positive and innovative approach to teaching.

We believe in maximizing the learning opportunities for each child.

We believe that everyone in the building should be treated with respect and compassion.


We believe that every student is a unique individual with special and specific needs. We do our best to meet those needs by providing a personal educational experience for each child in our care with consideration given to social as well as academic development.


We believe parents/guardians are an important factor in a child’s schooling. We consider them as working partners in the school and we try to give parents/guardians many opportunities for involvement in their child’s education through school and home activities.


Ours is an “open school” because the door is wide open for parents/guardians to visit. If you wish to visit your child’s/children’s classroom, please arrange this visit with your child’s/children’s teacher(s) prior to arrival. We also ask that you check in and out at the office when you arrive so that we are aware of any and all visitors in our school.


Above all, we believe that the purpose of a school is to provide an effective education which emphasizes how a child is “smart” through multi dimensional learning activities.


Core Values at Poplar Ridge School


We have five core values: 

  • Integrity - We will: 

    • Be honest and trustworthy.

    • Communicate openly.

    • Do the right thing.

  • Relationships - We will:

    • Practice collaborative learning.

    • Treat others with dignity and respect.

    • Develop caring relationships.

    • Demonstrate partnering for success

  • Respect - We will:

    • Value ourselves, others and the environment.

    • Model civility, courtesy, and consideration.

    • Protect our environment.

  • Excellence - We will: 

    • Achieve the best we can be.

    • Set, plan and achieve goals toward continuous improvement.

    • Provide motivational strategies.

  • Courage - We will:

    • Build confidence through success.

    • Take informed risk.

    • Celebrate success and learn from experience.

   Bell Schedule  

            Period 1      8:41 am -    9:26 am

            Period 2      9:26 am –  10:02 am

            Period 3    10:02 am -  10:38 am

            Recess        10:38 am -  10:50 am

            Period 4    10:50 am -  11:26 am

            Period 5    11:26 am –  12:02 pm

            Lunch        12:02 pm –  12:20 pm

            Playtime    12:20 pm -   12:40 pm

            Period 6    12:40 pm -     1:15 pm

            Period 7      1:15 pm -     1:50 pm

            Recess          1:50 pm -     2:05 pm

            Period 8      2:05 pm -     2:40 pm

            Period 9      2:40 pm -     3:15 pm

            Dismissal      3:15 pm



There are swimming fees for grades 1-3 as a part of the school swim program and skiing fees for grades 4 - 6. There is an additional charge for school agendas.


Fees are due by the end of September. Please take advantage of our online payment option. If you cannot pay by the deadline, please call the school office and make alternative arrangements. In cases of severe financial problems, a payment plan can be arranged with the office.



When your child is away from school (ie. illness, holiday), please contact the school to explain the absence. You can send a note signed by a parent/guardian, call the office (403-343-8821) or send an email to poplar.ridge@cesd73.ca. This helps to ensure your child is safe!


School Newsletter

Information about school activities is featured in the school newsletter which is electronically emailed to the parents/guardians email address. The newsletter is emailed every three to four weeks.


Class Visits and Volunteers

Parent/guardian involvement in a child’s education is encouraged at Poplar Ridge School. Classroom teachers appreciate the assistance of parent/guardian volunteers in reinforcing concepts in mathematics, listening to students read, making learning centre materials, and providing individual help to students. Schedules are set up for those who are interested in volunteering. In accordance with School Division policy, all parent/guardian volunteers must sign an Oath of Confidentiality form.  This form is available at the office. In addition, parents who want to go on field trips need to have a criminal record check and a child intervention check.


School Snacks

There is a store in the school where snacks are sold for a dollar each. Under the supervision of teachers, students run the store thereby learning important life skills. Water and healthy snacks are also available.  Healthy snacks only are expected for the morning snack time. We are a nut free school.



Proper outdoor clothing and footwear are required for the varied climate that we experience every year, in particular, snowy and rainy conditions. We expect students to remove their outside shoes at the door and leave their shoes in the boot room. Inside footwear must be worn at all times. Running shoes are required in the gym.  Tops with spaghetti straps or with straps smaller than 3 fingers in width are not allowed.


The grade  5 and 6 students must have proper gym attire. All other grades may wear their regular clothing.


Sick Room

Our school has an infirmary with a bed and washroom facilities. Every attempt will be made to contact the parents/guardians of the student in order for him/her to be taken home as soon as possible. We wish to emphasize that the sick room provides only temporary relief for students who are ill. During the time a student is in the infirmary, he/she will be checked periodically by Admin Support.



According to Chinook’s Edge School Division Policy, teachers are not allowed to administer any medications to students. If your child must take medicine at school, we require a medication form to be filled out by the parent/guardian. This form is available at the office. The office will store students’ medications and supervise students who need to take their own medicine. All medication is to be kept in the school office and not in student backpacks. No medication is kept in the school for student use unless provided by a parent with a signature on a medical release. Our medical supplies for students consist of antibiotic cream, band-aids, and rubbing alcohol.



As we are a rural school, supervision is a significant duty of each staff member. Staff members are on supervision from 8:30 am to 8:41 am, as well as during bus line-ups. All breaks are supervised by staff members at designated areas of the playground.


School Drills

There will be at least six fire drills, two tornado drills and two lockdown drills during the school year. Each class has both a designated and alternate exit. Students line up outside of the school in a safe area of the playground.


Family School Wellness

Our school has a Family School Wellness Worker available Wednesday or Friday.  Students, parents/guardians, or teachers can request a meeting with our FSW. Students are seen on an ongoing basis or as a result of a significant event, crisis or personal concern (e.g. death in the family/family illness). If you wish to access this service we will provide you with the forms to sign  for your child. Please, do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher, or our school, if you would like to access services.


Reporting Student Progress

At Poplar Ridge School, student assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning.  Parents, teachers and students all take part in the evaluation process.  Teachers use a variety of strategies including portfolios, interviews, progress reports and student led conferences to demonstrate to parents the growth of their child over the year.  At the beginning of each school year, your child’s teacher will outline the assessment strategies he/she will be using.  The specific reporting periods for the year are in November, March and June.


Literacy/Numeracy Support

The primary purpose of this support is to provide more targeted or specialized support for students. The student’s eligibility is determined by teacher - or parent/guardian-referral, followed by an assessment to confirm student needs. Parent/guardian consent must be obtained in advance in writing. An Individualized Program Plan (IPP) or a learning plan may be developed and signed by staff, parents/guardians (and the student, where applicable).


Learning Commons

Students have a regular weekly library period scheduled. Students are given an Identification Number which is used to borrow books. No more than two books at any one time may be checked out to students unless they are doing a special research project. Kindergarten and grade 1 students may borrow one book at a time. There are no fines for overdue books; however, students are encouraged to return their books within the two-week loan period. Kindergarten and grade 1 students have a one-week loan period. Any book lost by a student must be replaced. The replacement cost will be the original price of the book, which may range from $7.00 to $40.00.



A swimming program for a small fee is provided for all students in grades one through three and takes place at the Dawe Centre in Red Deer. The instructors are qualified swim instructors.


The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To teach the life skills needed for the enjoyment of water, while being aware of the inherent danger of water through a structured lesson/ format.

  • To improve coordination which is essential for both swimming and academic pursuits.

  • To create a learning atmosphere where students meet with success and develop a      positive self-image.


Downhill Skiing

This winter program is available to students in grades 4 through 6, and is conducted at Canyon Ski Hill. Qualified instructors are provided by Canyon as a part of our total package. The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To develop skills and competence in downhill-skiing so that participants may consider this sport as a lifelong activity.

  • To improve coordination essential for both skiing and academic pursuits.

  • To satisfy a need in students to achieve success in relation to their peers in areas outside of academic pursuits.


Hot Lunch Programs

The Parent Advisory Council provides a hot lunch program for students. The program is administered and provided by caring, well-meaning parent/guardian volunteers. The cost is nominal and is offered Tuesday and Thursday each week. Hot lunches are always nutritious and are meant to complement, not replace the lunch brought from home. School Council also offers a lunch once a week on Wednesday. The menu includes pizza, subs, wraps, and other items through the Healthy Hunger program. This is an optional program.  All lunches must be prepaid.  


Joint School Council / Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The School Act mandates the establishment of a School Council for each school operated by a board. Our School Council/Parent Advisory Council provides an advisory and supportive role to the principal and staff, and we work together to provide the best possible education for our students.


All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend our School Council/PAC meetings. We encourage parents/guardians to volunteer, or to serve on one of the many active committees of our School Council/PAC.


Student Conduct:

We believe that Poplar Ridge should be a safe and secure environment for your children. We all make mistakes from time to time and we deserve a chance to correct behavior within this environment.


Consequences for choosing inappropriate behaviour vary according to the frequency of occurrence and the severity of the behaviour.  These consequences help students:

    To understand what they have done wrong, and why it is inappropriate

    Receive guidance in solving problems they have been a part of

    Encourage growth toward self-discipline

At Poplar Ridge we do NOT tolerate:

    Fighting, physical violence, or aggression

    Defiance of authority

    Profane language or indecent gestures

Damage or theft of property

This choice of behaviour usually results in consequences that are discussed with the parent and the child. Follow up could result in developing a behaviour plan, work detail, counselling, referral to our family school wellness program or an out of school suspension.

Lunch Policy

Poplar Ridge School provides lunchroom supervision as part of the school day.  Student safety is always of primary importance at our school and lunchtime is no exception.  We, therefore have expectations of student behaviour that parents and students must be aware of.


Students are to respect supervisors at all times:

    Remain seated in their own desk while eating

Leave their area clean and tidy

    Use “inside” voices

    Remain in the classroom until the bell rings

    Go outside when the bell goes (dressed appropriately for the weather)

    Remain on the school grounds (unless parents provide a written request)


We feel that our students, for the most part meet these expectations with little difficulty.  In the event that a child fails to follow the expectations of lunchroom behaviour, the following steps will occur in order of consequence:


Offense  # 1.  Warning from lunch supervisor, classroom teacher informed

              # 2.  Member of school administration meets with child, parent is contacted

       # 3.  In school suspension from lunchroom, parent informed by letter

       # 4.  Lunch at home for a period of time

       # 5.  Permanent suspension from the lunch room