Philosophy and Mission


Creating successful global citizens.


Together we bring out the best in every child!


Good, Better, Best!



We have five core values: 

  • Integrity - We will: 

    • Be honest and trustworthy.

    • Communicate openly.

    • Do the right thing.

  • Relationships - We will:

    • Practice collaborative learning.

    • Treat others with dignity and respect.

    • Develop caring relationships.

    • Demonstrate partnering for success

  • Respect - We will:

    • Value ourselves, others and the environment.

    • Model civility, courtesy, and consideration.

    • Protect our environment.

  • Excellence - We will: 

    • Achieve the best we can be.

    • Set, plan and achieve goals toward continuous improvement.

    • Provide motivational strategies.

  • Courage - We will:

    • Build confidence through success.

    • Take informed risk.

    • Celebrate success and learn from experience.