School Council

The mission of our School Council is to strive to make a positive difference in student learning by working in unison with students, staff, parents and community. We endeavour to provide an environment of belonging for all families and a forum of open communication where all opinions are valued.

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The Poplar Ridge Elementary School Council and PTA have been able to support the Poplar Ridge Elementary School in numerous ways over the years in a variety of areas. This has included:

  • Field Trip Funding
  • Education Enhancement Funding-Telus World of Science & other special interest groups
  • Technology Funding (iPads, laptops, smartboards, program licensing fees)
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Playground Development
  • Bus Funding (field trips and sporting events, We Day, grade 5/6 camp)
  • LOTS of volunteer opportunities
  • Back to school supplies

These opportunities are provided to the students of Polar Ridge Elementary School through various fundraising events conducted by the Poplar Ridge PTA. Historically, these have included:

  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Club Moo
  • Bottle Drives
  • ASTP Fundraising (previously known as SUTP)
  • Casino
  • School Clothing

School Council/PTA Executive 2017-2018

Adina Armstrong        Chair             

Mike Ullyot                 Vice Chair            

Brenda Blagborne              Treasurer     

Tracey Tirpak             Secretary  

Hot Lunch Coordinators- Terry Wipf, Louise Rautenbach and Carla Desormeau