Tuesday/Thursday Hot Lunch

Our Tuesday/Thursday Hot Lunch program is run by our amazing Poplar Ridge parents. This program is a major fundraiser for the Poplar Ridge PTA.   It allows all students & staff in the school to have access to warm cooked meals.  The school year is broken down into 2 menus one in September and one in January; this allows us to change items up and put a fresh spin on the meals.   The meals are currently prepared by 8 amazing coordinators & their helpers and we are always looking for fresh faces.  If you’re interested in becoming a part of the meal program or have fresh new ideas to change up the menu, please feel free to email prhotlunch@gmail.com.

Order forms have been sent out and are due Friday, February 16.

To order your Tuesday/Thursday Hot Lunch please sign in at http://prs.hotlunches.net