Volunteering in the School

Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check

Please be advised that if you are planning to volunteer for offsite events requiring supervision of small groups, a criminal record check and child intervention check is now required.  (School Volunteers Administrative Procedure)  Please allow adequate time as some applications require up to six weeks to process. These applications are valid for three years and will be kept at the school.

The criminal record check fee waiver forms are available at the office or online if you are planning to volunteer in this capacity.

This is to keep all of our students and staff safe.  Thank you for your cooperation.

RCMP Criminal Record Check Letter
Statutory Declaration Form - Volunteers


Oath of Confidentiality

Parents, grandparents, guardians or siblings over the age of 21 who’d like to be volunteers during school functions require a signed Oath of Confidentiality. Once an Oath of Confidentiality is signed, it stays in effect during your child’s entire stay at Poplar Ridge School.

Oath of Confidentiality Form